(The Super Absorbent Air Cargo Mat)

  1. What is so special about a SORBCO Mat and what does it do?
  2. SORBCO Mats were developed to solve the corrosion and spill related problems associated with air shipment of perishables
  3. The loss of an aircraft or increased downtime for maintenance and/or cleanup can cost airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars. SORBCO Mats acts as an insurance policy to avoid these unnecessary costs
  4. SORBCO Mats are the result of over 15 years of usage by many of the world’s airlines. It acts like an oversized industrial strength diaper
  5. Available in a variety of sizes and absorbency formulations our standard sized mat measuring 72″ x 96″, is the widest format super absorbent mat in the industry
  6. Packed on rolls lightweight and durable mats are available in handy tear-off sheets
  7. Capable of absorbing an amazing 70 liters of water based liquid and solidifying it for ease of cleanup

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  • SORBCO has penetrated some of the world’s largest Companies and Retailers with its Impulse Priced products

–       Quickly Absorbs Liquids to Reduce Damage

  • Reduce Insurance Claims and Premiums

–       Traps Any Water Based Fluid

  • Protects Aircraft from Corrosion
  • Other Cargo Protected from Spills and Leaks

–       Eliminates Odors Associated with Seafood and other Perishables

  • Reduces Bacterial Growth

–       Easy Handling and Disposal

–       100% RECYCLABLE Polyethylene

–       Various Pad Sizes and Absorbency Rates to Accommodate ALL Absorption Needs

  • Can be Engineered to any Size/Absorbency Need

–       Anti-Skid

–       Multi-Layer Patented Construction to Ensure Leaks are Contained

–      Private Branding Opportunities Available

  • An Innovative Patented product that REALLY WORKS!