Floral Park, New York, April 15, 2014SORBCO is proud to announce the launch of Pet-Sorb, First Class Travel Pad.SORBCO has released a NEW innovative, pet product designed to keep pets more comfortable inside pet carriers during travel.

Based on SORBCO’s patented super absorbent polymer (SAP) manufacturing design process sold commercially for more than 10 years, our polymer is embedded in ultra thin mats designed for specific applications. The polymer transforms moisture into a gel where it is locked and sealed between leak-proof layers, thereby protecting the surface above and below the mat from water/liquid/condensation damage, contamination or the formation of mold/mildew.

Utilizing these significant product advantages, the SORBCO team designed a product perfect for pets on the go. The proprietary top layer is rugged enough to withstand the rigors associated with pet travel. Moisture is immediately absorbed within the middle layer so there is no opportunity for fluids to ruin your pet carrier. The patented design traps moisture and keeps the surface feeling dry to provide a much more comfortable ride for your pet. The result is an environment where your pet can relieve itself anywhere on the pad and will remain protected while any mess is contained and sealed.

Pet-Sorb First Class Travel Pads are available in most travel carrier sizes.

The Company believes extending its product line to Pet Travel is an important innovation in the industry. As CEO Charles Rick explained, ”We are ready to improve the world of pet travel. Our pads are ideal for pet relocation and extended trips”.

SORBCO’s products are uniquely positioned offering the only fully sealed pad with high-level absorption to protect your pet. The quick drying characteristics of the SORBCO mat coupled with its ability to lock and trap moisture makes it the perfect pet carrier travel accessory. As Mr. Rick continued, “Pets are important family members. We want them treated as well as possible. With our Pet-Sorb, pads, now they can travel First Class”.

All Sorbco products are Biodegradable and Recyclable.