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    Great Travel Carrier Liners and Reusable Training Pads. Perfect for Beneath Pet Bowls and Litter Boxes.

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    Save your Car or Truck from the Effects of Winter with Sorbco Absorbent Auto Mats.

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    Washable/Reusable, Leak-proof, Cuts to Size, No Chemicals, No Toxins. No Ring, No Run-Off, No Damage… Available in 4 Patterns.

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    Sorbco Craft Mats are an Ideal Solution to Messy Games and Projects.

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    Christmas Trees

    Our 30” Round Sorbco Christmas Mats Absorb and Protect Floors and Surfaces from Water and Sap Damage.

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    Color Schemes

    New Patterns Launching Every Season of 2015-2016!

As Seen On TV

So, what is the secret of Sorbco? Watch the commercial and see just a small sample of the 1001 uses around the house as it protects your floors and surfaces from leaks and water damage with great products from Sorbco.


Absorb Instantly
Our Patented Process Ensures Liquid is Absorbed immediately.
Sorbco’s Patented Construction Locks and Seals Moisture.
Hand or Machine Wash, Air Dries in Minutes.
Cut To Size
Use Sharp Scissors to Change to Your Perfect Size.
Non-Toxic, No Chemicals… Now There is Finally a 100% Recyclable Absorbent Product!
Leveraging our experience with absorbent technology in industrial applications, the SORBCO® team set out to design and create our own line of innovative, inexpensive, CONSUMER products to bring our special technology to your home. All part of our mission… "TO SORB AND PROTECT"

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