The complete line of ultra-absorbent SORBCO® products are designed to shield floors and surfaces from liquid damage.
Our patented process absorbs moisture, changes it to a gel, and seals it between leak-proof layers to ensure protection. Pads absorb over 40 times their weight and are available in assorted colors, shapes and sizes. Just about anywhere you have moisture/wetness or a leak/drip, there’s a SORBCO® product ready to Sorb and Protect.

Our Products

Sorbco Ultra-Absorbent Pads are Available in Assorted Shapes and Sizes to Meet All Your Household Needs

How it Works

Spills and leaks are absorbed through the upper non woven layer. As liquid seeps through, it is fully transformed into a gel and sealed between leak-proof layers through our patented process.  Wherever there is a drip, there is a SORBCO product ready to Sorb & Protect!

Mold & Water Damage!
Always Protected Never a Leak!

1001 Uses Around the House!

Sorbco Ultra-Absorbent Pads Come In All Shapes and Sizes to Meet All Your Household Needs

  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Appliances
  • Autos
  • Kids
  • Christmas Trees
  • Water Cooler
  • Kitchen

Join the SORBCO® Revolution!

“Your absorbent mats have greatly reduced our costs.  Thanks to your mats, we are able to keep our aircraft dry and eliminate repair costs.  The mats are fairly priced,  disposable, and perform exceptionally well.  We strongly recommend their use”.
No more costly clean ups and repairs means we keep our aircraft in the air more often.  Less down time and greater efficiency works for us every time.  Thank you!”





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